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US WA: Column: Turkeys Of The Year

Mon, 11/25/2024 - 08:00
Seattle Weekly, 25 Nov 2024 - Time to reveal this year's cannabis turkeys-the fattest, most frivolous, flapping, dumb-ass ideas in need of being stuffed, baked, and smoked once and for all. Let's start with a turkey large enough for the whole family, and by that I mean Gov. Chris Christie. He not only had the nerve to call cannabis a gateway drug, but said potheads lack restraint (ahem). "If I'm elected president I will go after marijuana smokers and the states that allow them to smoke," he said. "I'll shut them down big-time. I'm sick of these addicts, sick of these liberals with no self-control." Governor GobbleGobble got in one more zinger on the campaign trail: "If you're getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it," Christie lectured a small crowd last month. "As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws." Don't hold your breath, Guv. Well, unless you inhaled, of course.

US OR: Column: Green Friday

Sat, 11/26/2016 - 08:00
Portland Mercury, 26 Nov 2016 - I ONCE WROTE a column about how cannabis growers shifted their operations indoors during the eight-year tenure of a senile president who acted in movies with a chimpanzee ["Indica Nation," Cannabuzz, Oct 8, 2014]. Ronald Reagan's fervent, jelly bean-fueled belief that people would stop enjoying cannabis simply because someone said "no" was paired with a full-scale assault on cannabis producers. People who had grown outside for years suddenly found helicopters manned by officers of the peace wielding semi-automatic weapons circling their properties. That served as incentive enough for outdoor growers to trade in their greenhouses for grow lights, HVAC systems, and high power bills. Over the years, people began to talk trash about cannabis produced outdoors (also known as "eco-friendly" and "sun-grown"). People complained that it wasn't strong enough, that it was too leafy or too harsh.

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6 hours 22 min ago

Indonesia: Editorial: Winning The War On Drugs

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
Jakarta Post, 30 Jun 2016 - President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has frequently expressed his intense anger with drug dealers, even to the extent of executing some of them. When speaking at the International Day Against Drugs on Sunday he proposed a new approach that could rival the actions of his Philippines counterpart Rodrigo Duterte. But just as capital punishment has not defeated the scourge of drug abuse in the country so Jokowi should never try to go that far, let alone consider breaking the rules.

US CA: Column: Big Money And Bigger Risks

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
SF Weekly, 30 Jun 2016 - Mendocino County is back in the marijuana business. Not that its citizens ever stopped growing, and not that the Emerald Triangle's cash-rich economy found another cash crop. But after a few years' hiatus, Mendocino is again using cannabis as a funding source - - for law enforcement, with the county sheriff taking in $150,000 from marijuana in a single day, and all of it willingly paid.

US AZ: Report: Legal Marijuana Could Bring $82m for Arizona

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
The Sun, 30 Jun 2016 - PHOENIX -- Arizonans would buy nearly $500 million worth of marijuana a year by 2020 if voters agree in November to allow its use here for recreational purposes, according to a new report. The study by the staff of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee figures legalization would generate nearly $82 million in taxes when the program is fully implemented. That includes $74 million based on a tax rate of 15 percent of retail costs, with the balance coming from things like licensing dealers and growers.

CN ON: Column: Sometimes, Young People Don't Get It

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
Toronto Sun, 28 Jun 2016 - Militant pot activists in Toronto and angry young people in the UK seem not to understand how to bring about the results they so furiously demand. I think I should be able to open a store selling hard liquor and hand guns if that's what I want to do, but under current law guns are highly restricted and liquor sales are monopolized by the government.

CN ON: Councillors Just Chill

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
Toronto Sun, 28 Jun 2016 - Decide to pass on pot debate until after new fed rules Toronto councillors have passed the proverbial joint when it comes to regulating the city's controversial pot dispensaries. Councillors on the licensing and standards committee voted Monday to defer a debate on regulating pot shops, opting to wait until Aug. 24 when the federal government is slated to introduce new rules around access to medical marijuana.

CN BC: Medical Marijuana Smoker Loses Case On Firing

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
Vancouver 24hours, 29 Jun 2016 - A bartender who claimed he was fired for smoking marijuana while on shift has had his complaint dismissed by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. Darin Burton alleged that the owners of Tugboat Annie's Pub discriminated against him on the basis of physical disability, as he consumes cannabis to treat pain associated with degenerative disc disease.

US CO: Column: Dear Stoner: How Can I Get the Weed Smell Out

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
Westword, 30 Jun 2016 - Dear Stoner: I really want to try my hand at growing my own, but I live across the street from an elementary school. What am I supposed to? Jamey Dear Jamey: Once cultivating marijuana became legal under the Colorado Constitution in 2012, you've been allowed to grow marijuana in your home no matter where you live - as long as you're the homeowner or have permission from the homeowner. Think of it this way: Can a homeowner brew beer on his/her property if it's near a school? The answer is yes, so what makes growing recreational marijuana any different - other than years of uneducated prohibition?

US OR: Column: CBD And Seizures

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
Portland Mercury, 30 Jun 2016 - Here's How a Component of Weed Helped Someone with Seizures THESE ARE DAYS when it's important to find some good news, to seek out stories that remind us of our fellow human's capacity for decency, compassion, and selflessness. So turn away from the darkness-just for a minute, it'll still be there if you start to miss it-and let's examine the light for a minute.

US CA: Column: The Sweet Spot

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 07:00
North Coast Journal, 30 Jun 2016 - It was Benjamin Franklin who famously wrote in a 1789 letter that "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Well, California pot farmers have largely skirted the second of those for decades and now fear the looming certainty of taxation may bring death to their businesses. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is moving forward with putting a marijuana excise tax on the November ballot that, if passed, promises to bring in millions of dollars in revenue to county coffers. Staff recommended a complexly tiered progressive tax that would give breaks to small, outdoor farms and operates under the basic premise that the larger and more environmentally damaging a grow the larger its tax bill.

US IL: Judge Orders State: Make PTSD Eligible for Medical

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
Chicago Sun-Times, 29 Jun 2016 - Illinois must add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of diseases eligible for medical marijuana treatment, a Cook County judge ordered Tuesday in a sternly worded ruling that also said the state's public health director engaged in a "private investigation" that was "constitutionally inappropriate." In a lawsuit filed by an Iraq war veteran, Judge Neil Cohen ordered Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirav Shah to add PTSD within 30 days. It's the first decision among eight lawsuits filed by patients disappointed with across-the-board rejections by Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration of recommendations from an advisory board on medical marijuana.

US WA: The Fall Of Mmj A Drama In Three Acts

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
Seattle Weekly, 29 Jun 2016 - This Week, Hundreds of Marijuana Dispensaries Will Be Shuttered. How did that happen? The evening of November 6, 2012, will live long in the memories of many progressive Seattleites. It was a night of raucous celebration in the heart of Seattle as a singular mass of bodies danced at the corner of Pike Street and 10th Avenue.

US CA: Column: Best Marijuana Strains Of Summer 2016

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
East Bay Express, 29 Jun 2016 - Our writer picks his favorite cannabis for stress, anxiety, and pain, sleepless nights, and even lingering PTSD. The average medical-cannabis patients' tastes have evolved from merely being satisfied with having some buds to understanding types of buds, such as indica and sativa. Still, patients can do better. Here are some of the leading strains of this summer, based on my notes from the beat, and adapted from your editor's debut book, The Medical Marijuana Guidebook, out this July on Whitman Publishing.

US CA: California Voters to Decide Whether to Legalize

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
The Press Democrat, 29 Jun 2016 - SACRAMENTO (AP) - California voters will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana after Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Tuesday that initiative proponents turned in more than enough signatures to place the question on the November ballot. A successful vote in California would mean one in every six Americans lives in a state with legal marijuana sales, including the entire West Coast.

US CA: Pot's Spot On Ballot Ensured

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
Los Angeles Times, 29 Jun 2016 - An initiative that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California officially took its place on the Nov. 8 ballot Tuesday as its campaign took a commanding lead in fundraising to battle the measure's opponents. The secretary of state's office certified that a random sample showed sufficient signatures among the 600,000 turned in to qualify the measure.

Philippines: Column: Killing Addicts

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
Sun.Star Cebu, 29 Jun 2016 - PRESIDENT-ELECT Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte said he believes drug addicts who cannot be rehabilitated or jailed are better off dead. Duterte said these drug addicts would eventually commit crimes to sustain their addiction as not all of them could be put in jail or rehabilitation at the same time.

US CO: Column: All Cash, No Banks For Dispensaries

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
Colorado Springs Independent, 29 Jun 2016 - At around 5 p.m. on Monday, June 20, a medical marijuana center on the north side of Colorado Springs was the target of an armed robbery. According to the police blotter, "a male with a light complexion wearing dark clothes" entered the business, weapon in hand, demanding cash. He made away with an undisclosed amount of money and merchandise. Lt. Timothy Stankey, police department spokesman, says that because the suspect is still at-large and an investigation is just getting underway, the full case report is unavailable.

US CA: Voters to Decide Whether to Legalize Recreational

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 07:00
Appeal-Democrat, 29 Jun 2016 - SACRAMENTO (AP) California voters will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana after Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Tuesday that initiative proponents turned in more than enough signatures to place the question on the November ballot. A successful vote in California would mean one in every six Americans lives in a state with legal marijuana sales, including the entire West Coast.

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