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US WA: Column: Turkeys Of The Year

Mon, 11/25/2024 - 08:00
Seattle Weekly, 25 Nov 2024 - Time to reveal this year's cannabis turkeys-the fattest, most frivolous, flapping, dumb-ass ideas in need of being stuffed, baked, and smoked once and for all. Let's start with a turkey large enough for the whole family, and by that I mean Gov. Chris Christie. He not only had the nerve to call cannabis a gateway drug, but said potheads lack restraint (ahem). "If I'm elected president I will go after marijuana smokers and the states that allow them to smoke," he said. "I'll shut them down big-time. I'm sick of these addicts, sick of these liberals with no self-control." Governor GobbleGobble got in one more zinger on the campaign trail: "If you're getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it," Christie lectured a small crowd last month. "As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws." Don't hold your breath, Guv. Well, unless you inhaled, of course.

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9 hours 5 min ago

CN MB: Don't Sell Pot, Booze Together: MGEU

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:00
Winnipeg Free Press, 17 May 2017 - WHEN marijuana is legalized in Canada, it should be sold in standalone publicly operated stores, the head of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU) says. Michelle Gawronsky said the union believes that Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corp. should be responsible for selling cannabis products, but that marijuana not be marketed in booze stores.

US: Unity Was Emerging On Sentencing, Then Came Sessions

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:00
New York Times, 15 May 2017 - WASHINGTON - As a senator, Jeff Sessions was such a conservative outlier on criminal justice issues that he pushed other Republicans to the forefront of his campaign to block a sentencing overhaul, figuring they would be taken more seriously. Now Mr. Sessions is attorney general and need not take a back seat to anyone when it comes to imposing his ultratough-on-crime views. The effect of his transition from being just one of 535 in Congress to being top dog at the Justice Department was underscored on Friday when he ordered federal prosecutors to make sure they threw the book at criminal defendants and pursued the toughest penalties possible.

US: Mixed Grades For A Scrapped Drug Policy

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:00
Wall Street Journal, 15 May 2017 - When Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week jettisoned an Obama administration policy that had been aimed at sparing less-serious drug offenders from harsh sentences, he called his new, more aggressive approach "moral and just." But the verdict among law-enforcement and legal professionals is more mixed. Government data, along with interviews with former U.S. attorneys who advised the Justice Department under President Barack Obama, suggest the previous policy achieved several, though not all, of its goals.

CN BC: CNV Slams Lid On Pot Shops

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:00
North Shore News, 17 May 2017 - Weeds Glass gets business licence plucked Marijuana shops in the City of North Vancouver are in a green and grey legal area. Council revealed a closed-session decision to deny business licences to Weeds Glass and Gifts on Marine Drive as well as LotusLand Cannabis Club on East Second Street at a May 8 council meeting.

CN ON: Many Teens Get Into Cars With Impaired Drivers

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:00
The Record, 18 May 2017 - One in three high school students reports riding with a driver who has been drinking and one in five got in a car with a driver that consumed marijuana, according to a new University of Waterloo study. Half of all students in Grades 11 and 12 admitted to at least one risky behaviour, either driving after drinking or using marijuana or being a passenger in the car of an impaired driver.

US: Tests Show More American Workers Using Drugs

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:00
Wall Street Journal, 17 May 2017 - More U.S. workers are testing positive for illicit drugs than at any time in the last 12 years, according to data coming out today from Quest Diagnostics Inc., one of the largest workplace-testing labs in the nation. The number of workers who tested positive for marijuana rose by 4%, while positive results for other drugs also rose. The increases come against a backdrop of more liberal marijuana state laws and an apparent resurgence in the use of drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.

CN BC: Fentanyl Test Boosts Dose-Reduction Rate

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:00
Globe and Mail, 15 May 2017 - A pilot project operated by Vancouver Coastal Health has found success with a simple detection strip for the notorious opioid Drug users who test their drugs and discover fentanyl are 10 times more likely to reduce their dose, raising the possibility that making such tests widely available could reduce overdoses.

CN BC: Cannabis May Help Wean People Off Crack, Study Finds

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:00
Globe and Mail, 16 May 2017 - Cannabis has been identified as a potential substitute for users of legal or illicit opioids, but a new Vancouver-based study shows the drug may also help reduce people's cravings for another highly addictive substance: crack cocaine. Scientists at the BC Centre on Substance Use tracked 122 people who consumed crack in and around Vancouver's Downtown Eastside over a three-year period and found they reported using that drug less frequently when they opted to also consume cannabis.

CN NF: Man In The Middle

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:00
The Telegram, 16 May 2017 - Worker anxiously awaits arbitration case Part 4 in a four-part series Scott Tizzard remains mired in a career no-man's land.

CN ON: Pot Shops Face Round 2

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:00
London Free Press, 16 May 2017 - Back in business after police raids, illegal marijuana dispensaries now in London bylaw enforcers' sights London appears to be taking a page from Toronto's playbook in its bid to crack down on illegal pot shops that refuse to die.

CN BC: Marijuana Medicine

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:00
Metro, 16 May 2017 - Study finds cannabis can be used to help crack addicts Marijuana could be used to treat people suffering from addictions to crack cocaine, according to a new study from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU).

Canada: Hi, It's Illegal To Drive High

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:00
Toronto 24hours, 16 May 2017 - Edgy campaign features cheeky menus, radio spots In the mood for a garlic gummy worm burger with iceberg lettuce and mustard-fudge drizzle? Or how about an order of spaghetti and gumballs with gravy and licorice?

CN ON: Editorial: War On Drugs Has Been Colossal Failure

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 07:00
The Expositor, 13 May 2017 - Be careful! This is the message to users of illegal drugs from a community-wide education and awareness campaign that includes a website, . Drug overdoses have killed hundreds of people in British Columbia. The most recent report shows that 120 died in March of this year.

CN ON: Editorial: Pot Isn't Safe For The Young

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 07:00
Hamilton Spectator, 15 May 2017 - As the Trudeau government works overtime to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada by the summer of 2018, there's a huge job to be done outside Parliament. Health officials, educators, parents and the government must somehow persuade young Canadians to swear off a drug that will suddenly be legal for adults all around them to use for fun and relaxation.

CN ON: Bylaws Battle

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 07:00
Ottawa Sun, 15 May 2017 - City department joins fight against illegal marijuana dispensaries Ottawa's bylaw enforcement officers have jumped into the battle against the city's marijuana dispensaries. The landlords of the Ottawa Cannabis Dispensary on Laperriere Avenue have been charged with violating city zoning bylaws. The cannabis shop is in a small house painted green, next to an auto body shop and a chip truck. It's an industrial zone that does not permit retail shops.

CN NF: Brave New Work World

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 07:00
The Telegram, 15 May 2017 - Knowing more about impairment key to setting fair and safe workplace rules: expert Alex Boucher says the looming legalization of marijuana is opening up a whole new frontier for employers. He's an expert in wellness areas, including disability management and workplace accommodation, and works with employers, unions and communities.

CN ON: Editorial: Pot Isn't Safe For The Young

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 07:00
The Record, 15 May 2017 - As the Trudeau government works overtime to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada by the summer of 2018, there's a huge job to be done outside Parliament. Health officials, educators, parents and the government must somehow persuade young Canadians to swear off a drug that will suddenly be legal for adults all around them to use for fun and relaxation.

CN ON: Stoners Unlikely To Get High Marks

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 07:00
London Free Press, 12 May 2017 - High school kids who use marijuana prone to slack off and perform poorly, study finds It turns out that high school stoner Jeff Spicoli in the 1982 movie may be based on more fact than fiction. New research shows high school students who use marijuana are less likely to get good grades and plan to attend university than those who pass on pot.

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